<The Material Artist Girl is Present> 

40min, Performance 


Namdi x Lee Min Sung  

Staffs: Kang Shin Dae, Lee Jin Joo, Min Sung Sig, Yoon Joo Young.

 The audience chooses a keyword related to women identity such as women, lady, goddess, mom, mother, sister, and female teacher, or a random word such as la, do re mi, and more random words. Then, they select an image through Google image search, and selects clothes and makeup which can well reenact the image. The female performer performs the pose, facial expression, style, and behavior expressed that image, takes a picture, and updates the image on online mass media with a tag of the keyword. This performance shows how female identity is molded through making connections with big data revealing fantasy consumption on women. 


 This work was performed on 28, August, 2016,

 at Seoul Art Space Mullae




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