<Acting Class: Involvement In Seeing> 

60min, Performance

Produced and directed by Namdi

Casts: Ahn Chae Won, Hwang Woong Tae, Kang Jin Ah, Shin Shun Woo.

Engineers: David Cardona L, Joo Yun Takk.

Sponsorship of SFAC

 'Acting Class' was a performance in which the students, following the special acting instruction of the artist, set up their roles and faced improvised situations only through the gaze of each other. The acting students, freely exchanging roles like novelists, are exposed to various roles and spaces. Surrounded by plain backgrounds, they become actors who reveal the figment which have been imbued within themselves while taking the gaze of other people. However, they become boring actors who betrays the audience’s expectation to directly see or hear something, and ultimately be involved as an accomplice to capture or conceal the existence of the visible world.

 This work was composed of experimental performance work with camera coordinating the relationship between the artist, performer, and the audience. The performance was divided into two parts of 'AC1: Talking Edition', which was a simple lesson, and 'AC2: Involvement In Seeing', which included a story. In this work, four performers who meet each other for the first time participated in seven times as students. Also, the audience were recruited to take part in the class together. 


 This work was performed on 22, September, 2018,

 at Platform L Contemporary Art Center.

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