<Acting Class>

40min, Performance

Produced and directed by Namdi

Casts: Hwang Woong Tae, Kang Jin Ah.

 This performance invented Acting class that proceeded with a 30-minute preparation time of building relationships. Two people gathered to take the acting class takes the role of their own figure shown to each other, and learn their lines and movements according to the explanation of their partner. Their lines and gestures drift along the reflections, and the actors are filmed as they learn acting skills through repeating the manuals given by the instructors. Their perfect acting performance is screened as a movie scene of two people spending time together. As a result, this performance captures the moments when the characters and scenes are independently created within an experimental structure, rather than doing image telling unilaterally, like movies of which stories are formed through the protagonist. Therefore, the heroine myth of the traditional stories is confronted with uncertainty and invisibility, the characteristics of the people who exist but are not shown through the acting.

 This work was performed on 20 November 2015,

 at Gallery27, Uiwang-si, S.Korea.

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